RedBird Redesign opened its doors in 2011 after I spent years helping friends and family renovate kitchens and baths, rearrange furniture and put finishing touches on their homes for fun. A casual comment from a friend “you should do this for a living!” started the ball rolling.

I quickly found my niche in ‘livable’ design which I consider to be a coordinated, polished look that is welcoming and functional. I love collaborating with my clients to produce designs and solutions that reflect their personality and lifestyle. Integrating personal items, favorite pieces or a family member’s special hobby makes each project unique and more successful. I’m a Type A project manager. I live by to-do lists and shared calendars, never miss a deadline and look for excuses to make a spreadsheet. And I love a challenge! Bring me your cluttered, overworked family room or cramped pink and black tile powder room and let’s turn it into a showpiece!

Prior to establishing RedBird Redesign, I was an urban planner focusing on livable and sustainable communities and transportation. I have a degree in business, a minor in creative arts and design, and a Masters in urban planning. With my husband, we’ve renovated and decorated two homes, most recently a 1913 four-square farm house in Woodside in downtown Silver Spring.

RedBird ReDesign has grown to include an amazing associate designer with a talent for mixing patterns and finding that perfect finishing touch to a room. Together, our mix of corporate and creative work history offers clients the best of both worlds; straightforward, detail oriented and client-focused project management, along with creative, stylish and highly functional design.

Would you like to talk through a potential home design project or renovation? I’d love to hear from you.